Primefit helps reintegrate workers who have been on leave for some time wether it is for maternity, sickness or depression .

Suppose a worker is inactive over 12 weeks and wishes to restart at the same level where he left. Primefit creates individual follow-up by individual screening and advice. The employees can test themselves daily and Primefit ensures they follow the guildelines properly.

In good ethical practice, employers are somewhat responsible for the wellbeing of their employees. Primefit can help the organization or company to establish a health policy . Objective tests ensure the success of the individual within the team, the department or the company.

Employees complain of fatigue , stress , lack of focus ?

Primefit can test the team and then prepare individual plans, fulfilling the needs according to their fatigue status.

first step
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During an interview with the pertinent representative of the organization  (i.e.HR manager)  needs or goals are established.
We start from scratch or we build on an existing coorporate policy on health and well-being of employees.

total body scan
testing and analyzing fatigue
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Our expertise and the uniqueness of our pioneering method, consists in identifying the type of fatigue, it´s intensity and it´s causes. Taking in consideration these factors and implementing an individual plan for the subject, we can help them strive and reach their full energetic potential, which will translate onto higher efficiency in all aspects of their life . PrimeFit can study your team as one entity, creating a total body scan,identifying group behaviours, trends and helping you understand what factors affect the group as a whole.

Total body scan

We test the entire body searching for incomplete recovery areas after load/effort.

We establish 4 distinct types of fatigue

  • mental (emotional – intellectual)
  • physical (ANS)
  • hormonal (adrenal)
  • metabolic (energetic system).

We make a clear distinction between main and secondary factors in the context of the type of fatigue.

not a program but a targeted individual plan
individual treatment
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Not a program but a targeted individual plan.

Each body is unique and therefore we must work in a personalized manner. When preparing your plan, we take into consideration the following:

Everyone recieves a unique personalized plan, to become the best version of themselves, the competition is within.

Become a specialist in your own body.

During the supervision of your individual plan we teach you to know your body better. This lets you know what your triggers are and enables you to learn to recognize signs of trouble, acknowledge them and act accordingly. Primefit will help shape your preventive health advice together with you, so it makes sense with your reality.

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We guide people to self awareness , acknowledgment and final action in our coaching sessions. We offer both individual and team coaching sessions . If the test results show recurring stressors in the body,  we observe the individual closely in his environment in order to determine what factor is causing the imbalance. Both work and private factors may be responsible.

Interactive presentation on demand
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PrimeFit organizes interactive presentations tailored within the domain of optimizing performance physically and mentally.

Possible themes:

  • sleep and relaxation
  • nutrition
  • mental health
  • fatigue signals

We make a difference in terms of giving the tools towards identifying potential fatigue signals..   A person may suffer sleep disorder due to different reasons, mental fatigue, hormonal fatigue, chemical imbalance, but the only way of accurately targeting the problem is by properly identifying it, thus a SLEEP WORKSHOP. PrimeFit is tuned specifically and efficiently to the needs of today . We think of stress, burnout, loss of energy , fatigue, ...

Corporate report
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Businesses often sign very expensive maintenance contracts for equipment etc. In comparison to what they spend on maintenance of human capital these efforts today are insignificant.  Therefore we present an alternative with corporate reports that summarize the mental /emotional / physical tiredness per department or per age category or another. In addition, we can quantify the impact of commuting on fatigue ... These reports can be used as an evaluation tool for health initiatives in which corporations can choose to target or invest .